ORCHID is the Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database for the ANKC. The ANKC is committed to improving the health of all pedigreed dogs. The purpose of this web site is to allow on-line recording of health information by health professionals and to make statistical information derived from that data publicly available. To encourage dog owners to provide information, the owners will be able to specify, for each test result, whether the result is public or private.

At the current time the web site is only doing hips and elbows but we hope to be adding other health information soon..

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ANKC members can login to create pre-filled CHED Submission Forms.

If you are unable to login you can download a blank CHED form here.


By recording health results over a number of years and plotting statistics like five year rolling breed averages we can determine general trends, e.g. are hip scores in a particular breed getting better or worse. Click here to see the latest hip score statistics or Click here to see the latest spine score statistics.

Health Schemes

Currently we have fully implemented the CHED scheme and are close to releasing the ACES scheme. This will be followed shortly by DNA results.


CHED is the Canine Hip and Elbows Dysplasia scheme. You can read more about it here on the main ANKC web site..

Hip score statistics are automatically updated as new results are added by the radiologists on the panel. To see the latest statistics click here.

ANKC members can create a pre-filled CHED Submission form by logging in with their ANKC member number and password using the login form at the top of this page. A pre-filled form will save you time as you don't have to manually enter dog details. Click here for instructions on creating a pre-filled CHED submission.

Alternatively you can download a blank CHED submission form.

Radiologists Panel

Dr Roger Lavelle80 Ashworths Road Lancefield. VIC. 3435. Telephone: 03 5429 1682 Email: lavellesdiagnosticimaging@gmail.com
Dr Mariano MakaraPO Box 634 Lane Cove. NSW. 1595. Telephone: 0416 051 002 Email: hipscoring.makara@gmail.com Web: www.vetscoring.com
Dr Jenny Richardson PO Box 3477 Broadway Nedlands LPO WA 6009 Telephone: 0417 911 246 Email: Jen.Richardson@iinet.net.au