CHED is the Canine Hip and Elbows Dysplasia scheme. You can read more about it here on the main ANKC web site.

Hip score statistics are automatically updated as new results are added by the radiologists on the panel. To see the latest statistics click here.

Dogs Australia members can login with their person number to view private results or view or download a PDF health certificate, for dogs they own.

CHED Panellists

Dr Roger Lavelle 80 Ashworths Road Lancefield. VIC. 3435. Telephone: 03 5429 1682, 0428 996 328, 0419 104 208 Electronic Submissions: Email: Web:
Dr Mariano Makara PO Box 634 Lane Cove. NSW. 1595. Telephone: 0416 051 002 Email: Web:
Dr Jenny Richardson PO Box 3477 Broadway Nedlands LPO WA 6009 Telephone: 0417 911 246 Email:
Dr Ana Hayes PO Box 36 Vermont VIC 3133 Telephone: 0400 874 741 Email:

Email: ALL